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Default Didin't read...

Hey y'all,

I admit I didn't read the thread. I may have replied to it earlier, but don't remember...

Just wanted to say you'll be happy with this strain. I have enjoyed many MnS varieties, but the Doors by far. Is one of my favorite...If not my favorite. I can't wait to try another I have. When I do that one I will hoping post my first grow log, but til then. Enjoy...

I had three phenos. They were all quite strong, and fair taste. The taste was more old school herb. Wasn't the best, but not the worst. It was pleasant, but what was awesome about this strain. Potency was off the chain IMO. All were strong, but one stood out above the rest. It had the strength of that strain you'd want to pull out. When you have someone say...Oh Yeah there is nothing I can't toke that'll put me under the table. She is seductive, and like the little 90lb 5foot tall soaking wet girl that out drinks a 6' 5" tall brute of a guy weighing 300+lbs. There is definitely strength to be found in her.

Either way you will enjoy I feel. Have a blessed day...Ns
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