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Default Ending today! Full-set Pack (42 strains)

Hi All

J here again.

Wanted to Let members know that the (Full-Set) Mr. Nice Collection Pack (42 strains), will be ending sometime this evening.... With the current bid at 275euros

The full set (42 strains) 275 EUR (starting bid)

This full-set collection pack contains the following 42 mns strains. 15 seeds per strain, the total is around 630 individual seeds...

Angel Breath, Angel Heart, ASH, Afghan Haze, Black Widow, Critical Mass, Critical Skunk, Critical Widow, Devil, Dreamtime, Early Queen, Early Skunk Haze, Early Skunk, Early Haze, G13 x Haze, G13 x Skunk, G13 x Widow, Mango Haze Inbred, Mango Haze, Mango Widow, Master Kush Skunk, Master Kaze, Neville's Haze, Neville's Haze Mango, Neville's Skunk, National Health Service, NL5 x Haze, NL5 x Afghan, Nordle, Ortega, Shit, Skunk Haze, Shark Shock, Spice, Super Silver Haze, U2, The Cure, Pink Floyd, The Stones, The Doors, Walkabout and Z8 x Afghan Haze = total is 42

Its pretty much the full set other than the fact it does not include; La Nina, Critical Haze and Nl5xSkunk. These packs are instead replaced with Mango Haze Inbred and Z8 x Afghan Haze.

This is our largest collection pack and the only 1 we will be offering (auctioning) of its kind... So if your interested be sure to be stay aware, as just like the summer sun it wont be there for much longer. So get your bidding in before its too late!

see link to auctions -> click here
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