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Default Male smoke test

Looking good, andy21. I'll be excited to see what you get from The Doors. Sure looks like an excellent strain to me.

Quick post to document a test smoke on D4, the male plant. His flowers have dried up after yielding a decent amount of pollen and I was cleaning up when it occurred to me to try a quick smoke test. My expectations were low because I've rarely found males that gave a good buzz, and because this male didn't have too many trichomes on the flowers and stems, although there are a lot of smaller ones on the sugar leaves. So I took three small puffs through a pinch hitter. First smoke of the day.

Wow. My expectations have been significantly exceeded. Really nice buzz...euphoric, energizing, functional and still going strong over two hours later. I've read that The Doors has consistent high potency across all phenotypes, so I was confident that the lone male would be pretty good in the potency department. This test smoke confirms that.
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