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Default Well water questions

I have great water itís just very hard with a ppm of 275 and it needs to be purged or treated with bleach every 60 days.
Bleach is just one way and itís fairly inexpensive and simple but bleach can be smelled for 2-3 weeks.
I forgot to change my sediment filter and my lines got contiminated and smelled like rotten eggs but a filter change and purging took care of problem.

I think using bleach is hard on filters because my carbon sediment filter leaked all the carbon out and my RO filter went from putting out 35-40ppm to 165ppm in a few weeks.

So I need to figure out a different way to keep my well sanitary and may have to get another RO system.

Thereís several ways to sanitize water ,UV light,H2O2,bleach, and probably more but before I start I thought Iíd ask what methods would be safer and less costly over time?
I canít say for sure but I think bleach ate up filters??
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