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Default New Collection & Summer Clearance Packs

Dear members,

Sorry for the timely wait... As promised, it is time again to put out something new and exciting on the Mr. Nice Auctions.. This time it is a real special treat for everyone as it is something never done before...

So here it is!

Time has come to restock the majority of the fridge. So, Shanti and I discussed that we clear out the last remaining inventory of the auction seed stock by auctioning it off to the public. See below our 2 new exclusive deals.

1) Mr. Nice Collection Packs We felt it would be nice to offer a very exclusive deal to MNS fans. This offering gives customers the special chance to bid and win large portions of the Mr. Nice strain list, with the ability to win the Mr. Nice strain list (42 strains) as well smaller sets. These collection packs range in size and strain assortment. Ranging from;

- The full set (42 strains)
- XXL collection pack ( 37 strains)
- XL collection pack ( 32 strains)
- L collection pack ( 22 strains)
- M collection pack ( 17 strains)
- S collection pack (12 strains)

2) Summer Stock Clearance Packs A large portion of the remaining stock will be auctioned in large quantities (0.5 - 5 grams) at very low costs and will be listed as ''Summer Stock Clearance Packs''. This are individual strains and not sets of strains.

See, below a list of what will be available. To add, there are big differences in seed amount per gram between the strains, so an approximate amount per gram is given as a reference as well as URL photo links to see sample photos of the seeds.

Strain / Quantity per Gram / Photo links

- Angel Heart / (50seeds per gram) / AH link
- Critical Mass / (70perG) / CM link
- Critical Skunk / (90perG) / CS link
- Critical Widow / (70perG) / CW link
- Dreamtime / (80perG) / DT link
- Early Queen / (75perG) / EQ link
- Early Haze / (80perG) / EHz link
- Early Skunk Haze / (55perG) / ESH link
- G13xHaze / (50perG) / GHz link
- G13xWidow / (70perG) / GWid link
- MangoxWidow / (65perG) / MW link
- Master Kaze / (40perG) / Mkaze link
- Mango Haze / (80perG) / MH link
- Mango Haze Inbred / (90perG) / MHinb link
- Neville’s Haze / (80perG) / NHz link
- Neville’s Skunk / (80perG) / NSk link
- NL5xAfghan / (60perG) / NL5A link
- NL5xHaze / (70perG) / Nl5Hz link
- Nordle / (75perG) / NOR link
- Ortega / (70perG) / ORT link
- Skunk Haze / (60perG) / SkHz link
- The Cure / (65perG) / Cure link
- The Doors / (50perG) / Doors link
- Pink Floyd / (60perG) / P.floyd link
- U2 / (100perG) / U2 link
- Z8 x Afghan Haze (50perG) Photo coming soon!

IMPORTANT*1! The stock has been cleaned throughly as well as tested for germination, with a minimum 75 % germination rate occurring under optimal conditions. To add, It should be noted, that these seeds are between 3-4 years of age.

IMPORTANT*2! Non-replaceable policy
It should be noted, that these packs are limited in number, so they are in fact ''one-offs''. This means, that if your order is lost during shipping and posting they will not be replaced by us! MNS will not replace any of these summer stock clearance or collection packs. In other words, this entails is an ”own-risk policy”. This only concerns ''Summer Clearance Packs'' and ''Mr. Nice Collection Packs''. We will therefore only send out by registered mail (track and trace), unless requested otherwise.

The above mentioned packs are extremely exclusive and limited in number. Therefore, be sure to stay tuned, as just like the summer sun it doesn't last forever. They are planned to end approximately on the 30th of November. So get your bidding and orders in before its too late!

I have already started uploaded a few of the above mentioned packs late last night and very happy to see that a few of are already bidding! This is great. If for any case, you are very eager to get one of these specific packs and it is ending at a inconvenient time for you. Please dont hesitate to let me know, I am maybe able to upload another pack at better time and date for you... Here to help and at your service.

Let me know down below if you have questions.

All the best and happy bidding
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