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No I never got to make seeds I was about to start a pre98 bubba kush x 88g13hashplant project to develop that would have took some time to try to see where it took me and what road I would have to go down with it . I was hoping to find a father from that project to hit everything with . I got lots of Black widow in the fridge but I really didn’t want to have another black widow cross there is done so many and so many others who have just inbred with it I’m sure I could find a good mother and father out of the line it’s just played out and that’s definitely shanties thing that no one can take from him , I hoped to make seeds some day and want to give credit where credit is due but shanti has his widow and widow crosses down . I also got some angels breath but I think that’s another line that would take a lot of time to develop and work with . If I can start over I think I’m going to start out with a bunch of Ken Estes candyland fem seeds there is a couple different phenos i think I could pull out of that line I would like to find in them and then just take it from there .
Bottlenecking? The classic case is the cheetah. I read a compelling article once that the Cheetah is a cloned cross between a cat and a dog. Cheetahs have been around for 1000s of years, competing against lions and hyenas. It is still the fastest animal on earth.
I suspect that "bottlenecking" cannabis may lead to the "highest" cannabis on earth. It's a risk I'm willing to take.

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