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My blueberry mom gone , my ssh mom that had the sweetest smell and taste like lemon when first lit and as it burned down would turn more to a chocolate taste gone , my Neviles haze mom that unless some one was a indoor grower would not have been able to carry on cause she was just a viney , took long pain in the ass , that you would have to tie down in veg and then tie up in flower but would develop huge flower clusters with little flowers wanting to shoot out of every where that took for ever gone . It took for ever to find these plants and know how much you could push each one with fertilizer and how much water each one liked and just getting to know your strains and what each one liked and their needs . Learning to clone and how to make bonsai mothers . Iím just devastated.with everything thatís going on
Bottlenecking? The classic case is the cheetah. I read a compelling article once that the Cheetah is a cloned cross between a cat and a dog. Cheetahs have been around for 1000s of years, competing against lions and hyenas. It is still the fastest animal on earth.
I suspect that "bottlenecking" cannabis may lead to the "highest" cannabis on earth. It's a risk I'm willing to take.
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