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And the last 2 posts I made on IcyRag that I was (supposedly) banned there for? I think it was more from another post I made about Watson that was removed by the mods. Hard to say. They never sent me anything about my banning there. I was just banned, and then they slammed me on the forums. Meh...

Chem Dog cuts made their way back to the west from NYC. It is still fairly common out here still as a ChemDawg clone-only medical strain. A flowering cut of it was crossed in Grass Valley, CA with a Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush (Pakistani) male. The results of that was OG Kush. After a time that grower married a woman from NZ and he moved there with her. He left his clones with a few people in California, and from there (Salinas and Downey) more cuts were distributed around California. They also made their way out to other states. The OG in the name is attributed to, where member Ghost received one cut from member OrgnKid. OverGrow was a web site that is now defunct, but was dedicated to growing weed in the 1990s. The cuts made their way around California and to LA where they became known as over a dozen different names, and OG became known as Ocean Grown. In Sacramento the cuts were known as Sac1, Sac2, and Sac3. There as also a Tahoe cut and the Lost Coast (the name for the Mendocino and Humboldt Co coast) cut. It is debatable if the Triangle Kush was attributed to the Florida Triangle (Miami, Jacksonville and Tampa), or the Emerald Triangle in NorCal. I believe that all of these names are for the same genetics, of which I have grown several myself, including Ghost, Triangle Kush and SFV Kush.

... ... ...

By Kailua kid from Sierra Seeds:

In late '93 John from Grass Valley Ca. got the Chem Dog cut. He shared it with me, Jerry(cowboy) from Dibble Creek Ca. and Harold(Putz) from Sunset Beach Ca. Putz had a male he called the secret ingredient. It was a cross of Lemon Thai and an Old World Paki Kush. Putz bred the secret ingredient to the Chem Dog. The buds that came out of this cross were going around So. L.A. county in '95. Someone told Putz that Kush must be so good because it was mountain grown. Putz laughed and told him "this Kush is Ocean Grown Kush bro". The tag stuck and it became known as OG Kush. In the spring of '96 Putz married a girl from New Zealand. Before moving there he sent cuts of his OG to me and Bob(beans) in Salinas Ca. He gave all his P1 stock and all the remaining seed he had to Mike(mad dog) from Downey Ca. In late '96 Mike sold some seed to some guys in the Valley. That's where the San Fernando Valley cut of OG comes from. It's like the Original only more sat in pheno type. Mike sold a cut of the original to a guy in Orange county and that cut is called Larry today. It's still around Orange county. Mike sent one other cut of the original OG to a breeder in Europe. As far as I know he never let anyone else have it.

This is the way...
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