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The way I see it is medical marijuana is a bit like medical alcohol, a bunch of bullshit. You smoke weed because it makes you feel good, you drink alcohol because it makes you feel good.

Sure both drugs have medicinal benefits. During prohibition medical alcohol was a thing they even had Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey under medical alcohol which is the best Bourbon I've tried yet.

Of course cannabis is much more medicinal than alcohol they are both mostly recreational drugs. I'm hurting after a long day of work a few shots of whiskey I'm good, really better than after a joint.

Of course seizures, cancer and MS are just a bit worse than pain, they can still buy medicine and for cheaper than ever before. I just seen a YouTube video they where selling $40 ounces in Washington state from and that was after the shop mark up. Didn't look too special but not terrible and supposedly had over 20% THC.

It's for the better good. I just wish people would start making old school hash in America, American charas would be fucking incredible!!
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