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Originally Posted by Old Spice View Post
"I have heard" that you cannot patent a plant unless it is genetically modified. Otherwise, it is existing work. Can't claim it.
I may be wrong on that.

Are you saying that they have created a plant with custom DNA for production in Canada?
In Canada and the US, you can only patent clones and GMO plants. You cannot patent seeds unless they are like GMO 'Roundup Ready' corn developed by Monsanto. Hemp clones and hemp GMO plants will be patentable pretty soon in the US, but the USDA is taking its time developing all the rules for hemp and it may be 2 years before it is all out there. Whatever they decide on will be used if/when Marijuana is legalized at the federal level here. Also Idaho has decided that hemp is illegal if it has ~any~ THC in it, even less than the 0.3% defined by the feds. So that is headed to the courts to sort out.
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