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Default meddle

Thx quinxstar : All ready do this some time to time and wrote it on a paper with the lady, finnaly i will kept all male until collecting pollen. ( in time will freez them)

Need to see who will finish first and last, but far from lady's box.

Thx Marcus in the Darkus : U get it, one of the most sativa's guy in da box. Got a lady who look like the same way in da box. ( wil add some pic's)

Thx Byorn : #26 is one of my final choice for the next generation, I understand your analysis and share on many points, knowing that there is a link between the speed of maturity and the rate of thc, I particularly like his side hazy.

Rubbing one of the female trunks, I'm falling on one of the most fruity and zuguard #39.

I will add some pic's during next week.

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