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Originally Posted by sensient View Post
Well...this post was long ago, but I just wanted to say you are absolutely right. I apologize for my profanity, I should not have reacted in that way, and it doesn't say much for my own intelligence. My reaction was mainly due to Elmer constantly trolling and putting down others, calling themn liars, and constantly picking on people. Its all good and I appreciate you pulling me up on my post. I'm really sorry to everybody in the forum, should of just kept my mouth shut, but I lost my cool. I'm just putting myself on the same level as the trolls and trouble makers. I used to subscribe to all the story's and history's of certain lines and what not, but to tell you the truth I am over it all. Nowadays I'm just happy to grow nice weed and leave it at that. Its taken me all these years to come to this conclusion, says a lot for my intelligence doesn't Anyway, take care everyone, I hope you all find what your looking for. Peace out...Sensient
No need to apologize to anyone here. I do not see the need anyway. You hit home on the points about specific people being trolls here. They apparently are here to pick fights and press their opinions, however insane they are. I simply add them to my ignore list. You are far less of a problem here than many others are. This site has boiled down to a lot of hard asses. Its funny, but lately I have met a lot of people around the world and locally through this site. They simply to not post here any more and send me PMs. IMO, this site has become too lightly moderated, and as a result, has declined greatly. Such is the world wide web and forums in general.
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