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Default G13 x AfgHze tester run

Aloha, MNS peeps! I haven't posted here in a long time, so consider this a hello post as well as the beginning to my grow log of these seeds.

Big thanks to Shantibaba for providing me with these testers! I've grown a few MNS strains before, both indoors and out and found some gems. I'll be posting weekly if time permits and providing pics and info as we go. Not sure about getting this stuff tested after curing as I'll probably be neck deep in my outdoor grow, but I'll try to get some to the lab and bring back a report if I can swing it.

Planted 8 seeds back in the first week of January, got 100% germination but a couple of the seedlings didn't make it...I think the soil was a bit too hot for them. So, that leaves 6 plants...all in 2 gallon pots filled with Soil King "Big Roots" potting soil with a few tblsp of Agricola mixed into the bottom 1/3 of each pot.

Soil should be sufficient enough to be able to get away with just filtered tap water and weekly staggered foliars of Calcium 25 and Epsom salts. This is a newly renovated grow space, so I still have some fine tuning to do.

The only problem I've really had so far (besides overwatering in the beginning) has been the fungus gnats. The bags of soil I'm using this round had sat in my garage since last July and even though they never got opened, I'm pretty sure it was full of fungus gnat eggs just waiting to hatch.

Sticky traps have caught quite a few adults and I see more flying around, but I've got a couple different predator nematodes coming tomorrow which will be applied at 2 week intervals. Life cycle on fungus gnats is supposed to be 28 days, so a staggered application will hopefully be the one-two punch I'm looking for. Hoping I don't have to go with any targeted pesticides or BTI or anything like that...I want to make some dry sift out of this stuff, so I want to grow it as cleanly as possible.

Here we are at about 6 weeks from sprout under the LED canopies I'm running. I ordered two 4x4 canopies with CXB3590s from RapidLED and they seem to be working quite well so far. Had the lights hanging too high at first...and I still might have to lower them a bit more, but the room temps are good...not too hot, not too cold.

Thank you Shanti for the opportunity to document these genetics!

If y'all can't see the pics or if they're too small or whatever, please let me know and I'll fix them.



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