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Hi, yeah had some experience with them. Stoned az was a good bloke, forgot the other guys name. S.p.c stood for seed, pollen, clones. They had some decent stuff, the original red devil, sweet tooth#3, afghan, shishkaberry and others I can't recall. They provided a good service. I doubt you,ll find any of there clone stock nowadays. They won some prizes at the Sydney cup back in the early 2000,s. Stoned Az is still around, don't know what handle he goes by nowadays.They had a decent selection of seeds but I can,t really comment on them as I never tried the seeds, but there clones were great! Never tried any of there pollen either, but yeah, they were good guys!
Originally Posted by Podg View Post
Hey everyone! I keep coming across old snippets of people talking about Aussie S.P.C, a clone company that operated in Oz in the late 90s/early 2000s. Does anyone have any experience or memorys of the Aussie S.P.C clones? I ask because it was before my time and its difficult to find much information at all.

Hopefully these clones are still floating around.

Thanks in advance!
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