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What all type of flavors, smells and highs did you find in your angels breath ? I purchased it before any one had did any grow logs and was hoping that it would either have phenos that was either mangohaze dominant or Afghan haze dominate but know from the grow logs I have seen that itís not very stable with a very wide range of phenotypes which is not all ways a bad thing . And Iím worried that crossing the angels breath with the ssh would bring out the cat piss amell
Bottlenecking? The classic case is the cheetah. I read a compelling article once that the Cheetah is a cloned cross between a cat and a dog. Cheetahs have been around for 1000s of years, competing against lions and hyenas. It is still the fastest animal on earth.
I suspect that "bottlenecking" cannabis may lead to the "highest" cannabis on earth. It's a risk I'm willing to take.
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