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The SSH sounds pretty damn good on its own. Too bad you can't reverse her and cross to the NevilsHz aka PsycoHaze

I would think black widow would bring musky tones to the party. Shanti crossed Nevils Haze x Black Widow aka Grail Widow and it's DANK!

Shanti also made the similar SSH x BW aka HashMaster

I would be more inclined to cross the black widow with the bubbahash88g13 cross and keep it hashy and dank.

SSH crossed to angels breath sounds like a killer mix. I really like the angel breath smells and flavors and highs. I was able to help make a couple angels breathe crosses made last year that need to be grown out. Chimera's Simply Irresistible x AB and Chimeras Hawaiian Spice x AB

Good luck and forget about those weak Mosca seeds, the ones that got away can haunt ya. The first seeds I ordered never germinated. Spice of Life OG kush x Blue Satellite.
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