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I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with the angels breath yet because of reading about so many different phenotypes so it’s on the back burner . My initial plans was to find a sshxc99 stud male and cross it to every thing and keep that one male but also out of each cross with the c99x ssh finding a different male out of every generation and keep back crossing to the ssh . I think I will take your suggestion with the nhxblackwidow cross and try to achieve three things tighter bud structure , quicker flowering time and more resin production then work the line for a a few generations before I find a male to hit to the ssh and then start working that , I imagine this will take years but it is what it is especially in limited space , or I may just hit the black widow to both and keep finding a male from each generation of the sshxbw and crossing it back to the original ssh mother . I am interested in hearing why you think this may or may not be a good idea . With the pre98bubbakushx88g13/hashplant my plans are a little simpler just take clones flower them out find the best mother and then what appears to be the best father and crossing them and do that over each generation not keeping any of the original mother or father plants , I guess I should have made this my first project being that it’s going to be the easiest but I wanted to make those Cindy crosses so bad but that went to hell in a hand bag . I know I described my ssh of smelling like lemon pledge but that’s only cause it’s the closest thing I could think of at the time none of my other ssh had this smell and it’s a more complex smell then that it’s a strong lemon smell with a under body of a fuel type smell so the only thing I could think of was some type of lemon smelling cleaning supply , I wonder how often this pheno pops up in ssh
Bottlenecking? The classic case is the cheetah. I read a compelling article once that the Cheetah is a cloned cross between a cat and a dog. Cheetahs have been around for 1000s of years, competing against lions and hyenas. It is still the fastest animal on earth.
I suspect that "bottlenecking" cannabis may lead to the "highest" cannabis on earth. It's a risk I'm willing to take.

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