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so whats your plan with your angels breath?

im going to hit it with a NH male, then take a male from that generation and hit my g13 haze female.
so it will be nl5 haze x skunk haze x afghan haze x nevilles haze x g13 haze.
i think i got them all in there, did i miss any?

for your NH, SSH, and ? project, i would use the black widow.
pollinate the NH with the black widow and select a male.
males from the widow line are supposed to be good.
the next generation you have a chance to improve your NH using the widow male.
then when you select a male from that generation or inbreed a few, you can hit your SSH female with your worked male line. less chance of losing your SSH qualities because it is in your final cross. you can judge some of your NH/widow females to see what the males might be contributing. less chance of the negative, bland, or hay type qualities from your NH ending up in the final cross, because it was already improved before crossing to the SSH.

If you did SSH/widow, then had to pick a male, you might lose the lemon pledge SSH that you like by making the wrong pick, and then cross with the NH and you will have two bland flavors going into the cross without really knowing it.
and at best you have one good flavor and one bland, and hope for the best or search through the next gen for one that carries on the good flavors.

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