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Aloha fellow travelers!

Mahalo braddahs for all your good wishes and encouragement.
It is a great community don't you think? All of you guys have contributed to this community in a positive way. Along with the many other good souls here, I am grateful to know you. I can't think of a better group of lugheads to be stranded on an island with lol. Got me thinking about Dunbar's number. Why that's about the number of ppl on this site at any given time. I am amazed at the collective knowledge. I am amused at some of the arguments, but like Shanti said, most arguments resolve themselves given time. For the obstinate, in Lord of the Flies fashion, they get dealt with.

As Dr. John would say,
"...Your social life ain't no better than my hot dog stand
Your edu-ma-cation ain't no hipper than what you understand
All I've got is a little bit of common sense
I believe in my heart, the best teacher is experience..."

Wish me luck. I hope I can meet your standards on this one brahs. It is all about the journey.

“Making the world a more beautiful place one seed at a time.”
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