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I doubt you need a vacuum sealer.

True vacuum sealing is something one should avoid imho when dealing with cannabis.
I speak from experience...

Tried to seal the canna in a vacuum bag once and only once.
Vacuum means you get all the air out which means your buds will be squished to hell and back and you will be left with an incredibly dense brick of bud that looks like crap and is no fun to deal with. I don't even want to think about the amount of terpenes that got stock to the plastic bag ...

Jars are fine, even without a vacuum imho.

But if you insist on a vacuum seal, heed my advice and don't overdo it. just pull SOME of the air out.

I believe very few people vacuum seal their jars.

I personally don't even use jars but food-grade plastic containers. And I have stored my canna in there for a year without ill effects.
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