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i have found another recipe at icmag, looks nice, what do you guys think about this one ?

i know theres no answers so far trying to get people interested and comments

hello folks

a great way to massive stinky yields and preventing powdery mildew and bug infestation and or root rot is keep your root zone salt build up free

this is my tried and true ppm/ec chart that will work best with my genes or anything else you are growing

clones / seeds -
week 1 - 140ppm / 0.2 ec
week 2 - 210ppm / 0.3 ec

At this point go feed feed flush. Feed feed flush etc

week 1 - 350ppm / 0.5 ec
week 2 - 420ppm / 0.7 ec
week 3 - 550-650 ppm / 0.8-0.9ec

bloom - transition
week 1 - 700ppm / 1.0 ec
week 2 - 800ppm / 1.1 ec

full bloom
weeks 3 - 5 (or more) - 800-900ppm / 1.2-1.3 ec

ripening (shock flushing)
15 days before flushing - 400-500ppm / 0.6-0.7 ec

15 days before harvest - 0-200ppm / 0.0-0.3 ec

shock ripening
at least 72 hours of pitch black and ice water. dehus on constant

less is more guys. pounding plants with ppms will stunt growth, stunt yield, lower quality, resin production, and send signals out to pests like pythium, powdery mildew and bud rot plus all the bugs you can name to come and finish them off. its how nature works. thos parasites are just waiting for the plants to call them in. and toxic salt build up is the #1 cause of all grow room related issues

Do you think this recipe look nice ? better than my friend ?
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