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Default What is your Recipe ?

Hi all,

Trying to help a friend that have cancer that don't have access to the internet and that is legally growing his own meds in canada ! Recently, he bought some MR nice seeds pack from my guidance and he would like to fine tune his recipe. I think his EC might be high and i fear he's going into overfeeding because the leaves seems a bit dark green to me but i'll post pictures of the finished bud in real soon.

Here is the recipe tell me what you think. He use CYCO for bloom A/B and jack something for VEG a-B kind of blue powder and he is growing in soil medium and he normally does 4 week of Vegs when his clones have rooted nicely.

VEG : Week 1 to 4 : 750 to 850 PPM VEG A-B with jack something product kind of blue powder but he will specify it to me soon.

Bloom : Cyco Bloom A-B, Big Bud and Overdrive and jurassic carbo boost and it gave lots of thrichrome on it no idea what is that.

for a 9 - 10 week flowering strains

week 1-2 - 950-1050 PPM
week 3 to 7/8 1250-1350
Week 9-10 2 full weeks of flush with water pure water

only concern i have is ec seems high and he starts with high ec instead of going progressives and also slowly diminishing i think is better but i' no expert. what do you guys think, do you think he should change some concentration in his recipe or should he use more products ?
right now he has a cheese quake that is purple inside and smells grape like crazy even 1 day after harvest, no curing and it smells like i have never seen before but it has exodus cheese in it might be because of that and some kush

thanks alot for your input, i told my friend mr nice is a great community of like-minded people that help eachother. People can also share their own recipe so we can discuss what is different and why they do it that way ! i'm very open minded !

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