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Originally Posted by CannaFish View Post
in the HASHISH! book it says ...

"Most Lebanese hashish plants, a variety of C. sativa, usually are 1.5 to 2.0 meters tall with large, leafy flowers and narrow leaflets, although some fields are filled with plants that reach only 1.0 m at most."
And that means exactly what?

There is not a single book on this planet that does not have errors or mistakes in it, and that includes the bible and the Koran.
By the same token there is almost always an accuracy in every book, if you look hard enough.

I'm just sick of seeing a image of some random field of plants that has zero defining point of origin.
Some idiot posts a pic of a field and says it's from a certain area, when in fact it could be half way around the planet.....and the only one who really knows is the person who originally took the pic


Btw, Google up "kilzi" that you see on the building in the pic I posted
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