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Originally Posted by musashi View Post
In San Diego in the sixties and seventies. No serious haze before 80’s. Skinny thai was LATE sixties, more prevalent early 70’s. God I miss that zing!

G `day Mu

re availability .

A cpl of green houses worth of haze would not have stretched a long way as far as distribution goes .
Larger scale in 80s ?

Compared to ton bales of Colombian or Mexican .

Where I live there are growers in every hood . Have I met all of them , do I know what they are growing , do I know where it gets moved to and sold .


A lot of weed from this region goes to the Cities .

I grow haze every year a cpl of pounds . Does anyone in this area other than my circle of friends even know what haze is ? Very few .

The ganja world is multi , multi level and highly segregated in places with prohibition .
No one lets on they are growing . it could be used against you . Or you could get robbed .

10 of 1000 s lbs harvested and smoked but the consumers dunno where it came from .

Thanks for sharin

EB .

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