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Originally Posted by imsupernice View Post
And i saw this from Neville on rollitup

I also saw on other parts of the forums that Dominion skunk was one of the only strain which could throw roadskill skunk phenos.

Thoughts ?

I wish Mr.nice Would recreate Roadkill Skunk, one of the craziest strain created by neville

G `day ISN

Nevil is Australian .
There are no skunks in Oz . There are no skunks in the EU other than in zoos .
So no road killed skunks in Oz or EU .

The Skunk Nevil bought was already Dutch sweet skunk not RKS .
He added the ortega to the SK #1 and made Super Skunk . Said he put the skunk back in and that the ortega was proto Sk .

Super Skunk is not RKS .

OK , so what was Nevil`s reference for RKS ?

Thanks for sharin

EB .

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