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Don't wanna throw shade or anything but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Roadkill Skunk keeps popping up again and again and is very desired.

We had countless "attempts" or offerings of resurrecting the strain.

The one from MRN I would believe was the "New Skunk" line that had a brief hype during last year.
Unfortunately, there were very few reports about New Skunk being grown and the few I read about were underwhelming/not fulfilling expectations or Roadkill Skunk seekers.

The other offerings similarly fall flat. A few good finds were had but nothing was satisfying the seekers as Roadkill Skunk.

Imho I believe Garlic Bud and Cheese to be two of these findings by people who were looking for Roadkill Skunk. Pretty good strains by all accounts but not quite Roadkill Skunk.
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