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Default Who has the real RoadKill Skunk ?

Nowadays, we find two main Skunk#1 variations: on one hand, we have Sam Skunkman’s “Sweet Skunk“, a mostly Sativa genetics with sweet, refined aromas and a very pleasant effect. On the other hand, the “Roadkill Skunk” – developed by Neville, who is currently working with Mr. Nice Seedbank – is an Afghani dominant Skunk line, with very intense aroma and a more relaxing effect.
And i saw this from Neville on rollitup

If u take an afgS and cross it with an afgT you'll find wat you're looking for....soon or later throw backs will pop up. Meaning if u cross the devil with ASH or devil with nordle you'll find it.
Hey Neville, what's the afgT that you mention above?
Cheers mate[/QUOTE

AfgT was bred to SK1 to make SS. The sister plant which afgS was used to make nordle which is AfgSxSK1(2) x AfgSxSK1(2).
I also saw on other parts of the forums that Dominion skunk was one of the only strain which could throw roadskill skunk phenos.

Thoughts ?

I wish Mr.nice Would recreate Roadkill Skunk, one of the craziest strain created by neville

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