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Originally Posted by Sharky View Post
From the website....

With a remotely mountable power supply, the SPYDR 2 Series is just 1.3” thin with a recommended mounting height of 6”–12″ above canopy. The SPYDR Series is purposefully designed for multi-tier cannabis cultivation – from veg to bloom – with PPFD up to 1,060 µmol/m2/s over a 4’x4’ canopy.

All SPYDR models are dimmable with our light intensity Dimmer for precise control over PPFD and offer flexibility to instantly accommodate a new crop with varying light requirements.
how many would you need for say... 100 square feat , 6 of em ? 6 x 16 = 96 ?
and would it produce as much as the same setup but with 1000 watts hps ?

just curious

thanks for your great input everyone greatly appreciated
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