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Originally Posted by Elmer Bud View Post
G `day I

LED at best efficiency out put 30 % more plant useable light than HPS .

Yes CMH are bright but not all in plant useable wavelengths .

Lots of small watt LED = lots of sources of light . Plants don`t grown toward the 1 source of light as much because lots of sources .

So a 400 LED at highest efficiancy gives as much PAR as a 600 HPS .

This 200 -300 replacing a 1 K is BS . 700 -800 possibly .

Thanks for sharin

EB .

Nice, but i have yet to find a LED 400 watt that is as powerful as a 600 w hps, any example ?

and what do you mean by this 200-300 replacing a 1k ? CMH or LED ? which 200-300 ?

so the best setup would be alot of leds of small power ? could you give me an example of how many leds you would use fto cover an area of 100 square feet, just trying to make an idea.

thanks for all your experts advice and your time guys
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