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Originally Posted by imsupernice View Post
Hi Everyone,

I saw this on amazon, they claim their 3000 watt led is equal to a 2000 MH/HPS but yet only draw 600 watt of current.

So, do you guys think this claim is true or is it propaganda and why ?

here is the link :

G `day I

LED at best efficiency out put 30 % more plant useable light than HPS .

Yes CMH are bright but not all in plant useable wavelengths .

Lots of small watt LED = lots of sources of light . Plants don`t grow toward the 1 source of light as much because lots of sources .

So a 400 LED at highest efficiancy gives as much PAR as a 600 HPS .

This 200 -300 replacing a 1 K is BS . 700 -800 possibly .

Thanks for sharin

EB .

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