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Hi All

We are already involved in this line of progression and since Mr Nice Seedbank was set up 1998, and the Mr Nice brand was only set up 2018, it is clear we are entitled to continue as we always have. However it seems money grabbing is filling this industry with people who are unaware of most things behind the scenes and the amount of hard work and risk involved for years...This would never of happened while Howard was alive...and it is a product of bad intentions from the family trust with the sole intentions of easy money without doing anything for it.

While no one of our crew denies the family trust to profit from Howard's legacy, their way is without consideration to what was clearly established while Howard was alive.

Companies like Sensi Seed still never changed the strain they named after Howard some years ago, and shops opened and probably will close based on reselling of other peoples products....which Howard would never have allowed. But these are current times and obviously the money is drying up from his books or is just not enough any longer? Methods to gain money by riding the backs of others will always fall short eventually. The only real concern is that the end user will be the one to lose out which is the person we at MNS most value. So it will be good while we sort through this issue, that people who wish to help keep the integrity of Howard's name and work along with ours as clean as possible and keep facts in the realm of reality...and to keep these marketing companies who understand nothing of plants or the aims of why we began clearly in a different arena.

All the best Sb

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