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Default Mr Nice shops and companies popping up in UK and Italy etc...with no connection to the original Mr Nice Seedbank or Shantibaba genetics.

Hi All

So it has become an issue this year with certain companies all attempting to brand Mr Nice in some way in different countries all with nothing to do with our original genetics or seeds or products...let that be clear.

After doing investigation and it is ongoing with trademark lawyers, it seems there are some groups all getting involved, and not really for reasons more than money. So piggy backing on Howard's name and Shantibaba genetics and reputation will not really be tolerated after 20+ years as Mr Nice Seedbank...

The main reason for posting this is to keep you all aware that these companies in Switzerland, Italy, UK and Canada who are now contacting clients of Mr Nice Seedbank by cold calling and aggressive marketing practices are nothing at all to do with our products, our genetics or our advice...they are completely independent entities just using marketing and branding and money as their tools. The origins of their material , or their glossy packaging or their press releases show big distinctions between Howard and my attitudes to helping people in this industry. Companies with large financial pockets cannot come in and buy reputation without earning in some form over time. So please be aware and spread the word that these products are not made by Mr Nice Seedbank or Shantibaba.

As more info is dealt with i will keep you updated and paste up some links to read....but maybe some of you are aware of this article lately.

All the best Shantibaba

"Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner." -Lao Tzu

all the best,
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