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One of my good buddies is from Thailand and has quite the extended family there.
I've been over a few times and can only say that they are gracious hosts and the food is sublime.
I can also say that pure thai sativa's still grow there and are used in *some* religious ceremonies (well not really religious, perhaps traditional might be a better wording?).

There is no need for concern.
If it gets legalized I know for a fact that there won't be many hybrids would be sacreligeous or seen as betraying tradition and history.
Thai people are all about tradition, family, history, etc
I also know that with the high humidity and temps, let alone the near equatorial sun hours that hybrids and indicas would be for shit there.
Yes I know that indoor grows would mitigate those factors.....but outdoor direct in soil shames any indoor plant ever grown.
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