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FYI: BOEL was not that big in the NorCal areas. They were mostly in SoCal. I never heard of anything BOEL except once in Berzerkley before I went to LA for a while in the late 1970s (had a GF in Redondo/the 'other' South Bay in CA). I never saw any BOEL wrappers or interacted directly with any BOEL people. They were out of Laguna Beach mostly, south of LA. I did not get down there much until after 1986 when I moved to Sandy Eggo.

David Watson (DW) was from NorCal, not SoCal. At least in 1969 he was in the Santa Cruz area. To be exact, it is really central California, but the dividing line for the two Californias in those days was NorCal from SLO Co. and north, and SoCal was Santa Maria (Santa Barbara Co.) and south. Now they are voting on dividing it up into 3 states in a non-political map that is dumber than shyte if you ask me. I would split it in two north and south along the SLO Co. and Santa Barbara Co. lines and east from there. I lived in both for many years. Politically and culturally different places.

DW has stated in various places that Haze was around in 1969, then said it was bred in 1973-75. The later dates are far more likely if the strains used were Colombian x Mexican x Colombian x Thai x ganja. That fits the '73-'75 timeline. But as I have said, I never saw any Haze in the Monterey Bay area in the 1970s. Far more likely it was bred later in the Emerald Triangle or in Holland. I have sampled pretty much everything called Haze or said to be a Haze cross, and they do not really do much for me. Meh...
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