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Originally Posted by Marcus_in_the_Darkus View Post
Seems to me he's a braggart who has some very interesting stories to tell, but it would be impossible to discern the truth from the self-serving fiction
Unfortunately, this sums up a good percentage of the people working back then that have survived until now. VERY hard to separate the lore, the plants, the intentional misrepresentations and the accidental ones as well. Combine with imperfect memories (Mine as much as anyone), safety issues, etc... It's ALL suspect EXCEPT the weed.

Sam/Dave is whatever he is. I don't hate him, but I am not sending him shit either. I don't think any SIDE has told the complete truth. Someone walked, someone got paid, someone (many probably) lied to save their bacon. Just because Sam lied doesn't mean anyone else was truthful. They were ALL felons trying to pass as average citizens. Was Sam a rat? I don't know. Likely, you don't either. For most of us, the tales are at least third hand. I HAVE had Sam badgering me at ICM to side with him. Fark that. I don't know, and I CAN'T know with any certainty at this point.
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