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Welcome, n2ishun, it's great to have you here! Haze and early weed lore amongst dudes who were in California weed scene in the 60s/70s - I love it! I started smoking in '73, growing in '74, then took a hiatus until I could do so legally two years ago. But my early weed days were in New Jersey and Texas, and while I enjoyed some great weed, I never experienced the variety that you lucky bastards in Cali did. And as someone who is fascinated by the history of weed, I really enjoy watching you compare notes.

Regarding haze lore, I'd like to know what RC Clarke says about it, as he was right there at UC Santa Cruz. I'd also like to ask "R" about the haze brothers he supposedly partied with. I always thought what Nevil wrote about the haze seeds he got was interesting, that the oldest packets were dated 1969.

Assuming a 1969 timeframe for the earliest batch of haze seeds that Nevil got from David Watson, my guess is they originated with seeds collected by BOEL surfers in the mid 1960s that were grown and selected and crossed for a couple years in California, or Hawaii, or even Mexico or Costa Rica. Because all weed was seeded then, selection was easy: you just saved and grew out the seeds from the batches that got you the highest. How Watson came to acquire those seeds we'll probably never know. I think Watson had/has some sort of BOEL connection. It all fits. He's from SoCal at the time the BOEL was developing a weed smuggling and distribution network, he was on the hash trail when it was blazed by BOEL, the use of security precautions involving aliases, the lack of pictures, all were BOEL SOP. Seems to me he's a braggart who has some very interesting stories to tell, but it would be impossible to discern the truth from the self-serving fiction.

Please, carry on.
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