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Default Five healthy NH plants 😃

Hi BenPlantin, thanks for stopping 👍

These five plants are looking great each day and very healthy growers, one in particular is spectacular 😎

I donít know their sex at the moment and patiently waiting to share this when I know know for sure what sex they are.

When I planted all of these three never came up until one week later and surprised me.

The one that is spectacular was the first one to germinate and looks like a female.

Since I went the haze route I decided to plant two (Doors) and (Two Grail Widows) and four (Skunk Haze) all are up and very healthy will share them all either here with NH or start new threads. Since there are only a few of each I just might share a few details and pictures here with my 5 NH. The other hazes are just experiments to see how they look beside NH.

Anyway, thank you BenPlantin and others for all your support I have allot to do to make it all very special, so get ready 😎



In the Tropics 🌴🍌🥥

10 feet under almost ready ✅
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