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Thank you for taking the time to reply much appreciated.

Absolutely I be working to get my friend a nice balanced blend of cannabinoids to give him the best chances to heal at this time.

I know of a few people recently passed at young age from cancers. I think of Howard often. Makes me sad that many could benefit from this great plant yet are still being denied full unhindered access to it.

I couldnt hold back the tears when i saw my good friend he still too young for this and all the good memories together come flooding back.

I do my best to help my friend but so sad we not using cannabis yet as preventative nutrition and medicine.

We never give up and soon have no plant prohibited in any way.

There is a important project that i am working on and would be great if can have your support.

I have sent you a few PMs but appreciate your hard work and efforts to get things done and be the change we want to see so no hurry to reply, good things do take time and i await patiently.

peace and love to you all
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