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Originally Posted by shantibaba View Post
Hi All

EB the article is just that i did not mention it for no reason my friend. As many hemp farmers who used it in 2014 ...onwards have had lab reports with high concentrations in extractions and it has been pulled off the market. It is not public knowledge as it is only discovered in extraction stages and has caused extra work in labs for some to clean it off...

I use Neem oil amongst other preventative treatments, but for those who are soon going to go through disappointments when extractions impurities it is one of the things to be aware of.

If you do not use Neem oil then nothing to worry about.

While science demands proof to support itself, the beginnings of issues that are felt in certain communities and are the initial tremors which become science eventually, due to issues arising. So please remember we are here to keep people aware of possible issues as well as real issues and positive info also...

All the best Sb

G `day Shanti

OK Shanti my friend ...

If it is a problem then why are you still using it ?

What level does it become a problem ?

At what stage of flower do you discontinue using it . how do you decide this ?

Like I said previously I know about this Urban Rumour .
I took interest in the thread . 5 YEARS AGO .


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11-14-2013, 07:17 AM

Had these exact same symptoms almost 3 years ago, coupled with all over muscle tension and back pain at injury sites.

Only thing I changed before I had the problem was the addition of Azadirachtin products to my grow. Azamax & Azatrol... Aza-Sol is another one that also uses azadirachtin as an active ingredient.

I grow clean... GH nutes with pH up, maybe a bit of pro-tekt once in a while. I use GH Bloom or Kool Bloom as a bloom booster. Nothing grown this way for 8 years ever 'messed' with me.

Moved to Colorado 3 years ago and started using azamax and azatrol. Went to the hospital by ambulance TWICE with these same symptoms after harvest.

Problems went away when I switched to Non-Azadirachtin cannabis. (Can't even use the shit in veg!$*$*#)

Tried it again about a year later and had the exact same issues.

AZADIRACHTIN (or the damn carrier oil that's used) is NOT compatible with cannabis. Period! I'm still waiting for the rest of the world to realize this in about 8 years or so. *facepalm*

By the way... stomach relief can be found by drinking home-made honey mead, eating garlic pan-fried in olive oil and eating a home-made fermented food that's correct for your blood type. (Usually kimchee, kefir or yogurt)

The garlic is a powerful anti-bacteria and the fermented foods put the beneficial enzymes and yeasts back in. That right side stomach/intestine pain is gas bubbles in your intestines.

Yeah... I lived in a hot bath for about 6 months and can converse with anyone intimately about this subject. I'm predicting a HUGE surge in ER and doctor visits in colorado come Jan 1st because most of the dispensary meds I've come across are just putrid with aza-products.

Wrote a couple articles on it already... check my sig as they're on my blog.

Keep it Clean!

5 years and counting .

Thanks for sharin

EB .

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