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Originally Posted by Elmer Bud View Post
Hey EB.
I'm not sure the article tries to prove anything. He says he thinks that the syndrome is a myth, and is just neem. toxicity.
I don't think he is trying to prove it beyond doubt.
It appears the suggested syndrome itself is doubtful.
An interesting point of view, even without irrefutable proof.

G `day VTI

Well after a little investigation I find like I guessed this is from a person who was a member of International Cannagraphic Magazine Forum . Handle ; the clean game .

I told him years ago I didn`t believe him .

Azadaractin in Dabs is not what the majority smoke anyway .

Goes further to say he believes its related to Helicobacter Pylori stomach infections and stomach ulcers .
Science is about disproving things by methodology. Not listening to random people on the internets ...

Thanks for sharin


Hi EB.
The syndrome is purported. Unproven.
He is showing deductive reasoning. He offers his logic, and allows you to use judgement.
I guess context is a little difficult.

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