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Here are my Punto Rojo x Mangobiche plants at 8 weeks from seed, now fully acclimated to the New England summer sun and humidity. An imposter has been identified and will be culled. Makes me wonder if it's an Indica expression hidden in the CBG PR/MB genes, or if the seed mother was hit by some stray Dutch pollen. Otherwise nice thin-leaf sativa expressions. No preflowers yet. I want to take 2-3 cuts per plant in another 2 weeks, and these plants aren't making that easy, with one main shoot and very little branching at this stage. As much as I hate the idea of ruining their good looks, I may top them to give me a better shot at multiple cuts in a couple more weeks. If I top them I'll put the cuts under 12/12 as they root. Hopefully they don't take too long to sex at this stage of the summer, as the days are getting shorter.

Getting some really interesting stem rub smells...great fresh non-stinky smells. PRM1 smells floral, #6 and #7 have the piniest smell, and #8 smells distinctly of mango. Interesting to see if the piney smelling plants lean toward punto rojo while I would expect #8 to lean mangobiche.

PRM #1-4 below.

PRM #5-8 below.

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