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Real Punto Rojo is trippy psychedelic weed and could be racy or speedy. As opposed to the far more common Punta Roja, or Colombian Red, which was lowland Colombian typically bricked green and fermented en route, and sold as "Colombian Gold" in the states. That was narcotic, and put you under the table pretty fast. I do not know if it was naturally high in CBN, or it was old weed by the time it got here and thus THC had time to convert to CBN (about 10% of THC is converted into CBN the first year in harvested weed).

As for what would become Haze, that is anyone's guess. More likely that was a cross of Colombian Gold x Mexican (IMO, 1975 Guerrero which was the most potent Mexican I have smoked to date). Legend is that it was then re-crossed with another Colombian. Maybe Punto Rojo, or maybe Colombian Black (wacky weed). More legends say that Haze was then crossed with a Ganja (also available in NorCal in 1975) and/or Thai. The skinny Thai sticks that were common in the 1970s. Keep in mind that Colombians mature REALLY Late (as does Kerala), and for that reason I think it is far more likely that original Haze had Mexican dominant genetics. But also IMO and experience living there from 1966 to 1986, Haze was a myth and never around in the late 1960s as claimed. Likely it was developed in the mid to late 1970s, and exported to Holland in the 1980s. So it could really be any number of genetic crosses. We had shit-loads of Thai, Colombian and Mexican weed there then. And lesser amounts of Ganja, Jamaican, African and other SE Asian weed.

More interesting Colombian genetics were available though. Particularly gold. My last planting of Santa Marta 'lombo gold (from 1977 bag seed) produced golden leaf plants and gold-green tops. They started blooming in mid October. Really late genetics, but really good weed. Likely the mother of NorCal skunkweed. I know the guy in Europe that developed what is sold at Colombian Gold '72 I think it is called. It is a back cross though. Lots of seed companies have what they call 'lombo gold. Colombian Black is also a good strain, and still available in the PNW as a cut. So called Whacky Weed, it will make you laugh and roll on the ground, and you will be high as a kite smoking that stuff. Green Gauge had some black seeds for sale. There is also Colombian green, from the west coast. What Franco of GHS called Limon Verde. They never called it Limon Verde, but it was green and good weed. Likely it is related to Runto Rojo (red point). Then there is Mangobiche. The Mango Bitch. I think Cannabiogen has seeds of that? Bummer if they merged with Ace. *shrug* I also have some Panama red (likely related to lowland Punta Roja), and some Punto Creepy and Santa Miguelito from Costa Rica that I traded for recently. I have not grow these yet. Never enough time or space. I can grow 22 plants with my current grow permits here, 10 of which can be mature and flowering. This year I am finishing off my Durban testing and breeding, and a run of Maui. I am also starting a skunk run and Vietnam Black run for the winter/spring. I may do a Colombian run next year of gold and green.
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