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It is true that I do not give seeds away. I #trade# seeds though. I also got the new cross of Punto Rojo x Mangobitche seeds in trade recently, along with the Colombian red hair weed. It smokes EXACLTLY like a lot of Colombian weed back in the day. Short stimulating high, typical of sativa. We had to keep smoking joints to stay stoned all day. So others like myself out there have Punto Rojo genetics. Punto Rojo was a common strain grown in Big Sur and Central California in the late 1970s as there was a LOT of local grown red hair weed going around then. So likely I have even more Runto Rojo genetics in early heirloom seeds from the Big Sur/Carmel Valley area.

Some articles that I have read online falsely claim that early breeders went for red hairs for potency rather than fat calyxes, but that was simply not the case. It was simply a matter of what genetics we had available from bag weed seed back then. With the exception of Thai and Cambo Red, most 'weed' products from Asia came in the form of hashish, and not colas or tops. So we did not have seeds from Lebanon, Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan or Morocco unless someone purposely brought seeds back from trips to those places. What was all the rage then in local grown weed were purple strains and skunk. I bought and smoked up a shit load of Big Sur red hair weed myself. Cheap as chips, $60-$80 an oz. Second generation Mexican and/or Colombian grown semi-seedless from bag seed. There was a lot of that grown in the Santa Cruz mountain area as well as skunk and early purple bud. Early Haze genetics? Likely.
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