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Default Search for Punto Rojo

Most of us who love haze and have a passion for the legendary strains of yore know that Punto Rojo has been claimed to be the archetype of haze. I'm starting this thread to document my search for Punto Rojo, and as a place where other MNS members can talk about their experiences with this strain, or with Colombian genetics in general.

First a brief summary about current sources I know of where Punto Rojo seeds can be obtained: none exist.

Next, some info on where PR seeds could be found in the past:
  • Bagseed from the 1960's and early-mid 1970s. See origins of haze. Our own Big Sur is the only person I know who has PR seeds from ancient bagseed, and I don't think he's giving those away. Perhaps there is some old PR seed in a BOEL seed stash somewhere on the west coast or Hawaii. We'll probably never know.
  • The Brazillian Seed Co used to sell PR and other fine Colombian genetics, and their offerings are discussed in this MNS thread. I believe the BSC is no more but maybe some people know some people who grew out their PR and made F2s.
  • Charlie Garcia / Cannabiogen made PR seeds available in the 2012 timeframe I believe but they are long gone and closely held now. Pity that all this "preservation" work culminated with only one batch of seeds being released, from what I can tell. I do believe Charlie is spending time in Colombia these days and I hope he is growing and improving the PR line., and that he will make more seeds available some day soon.
  • Unfortunately nothing available from MNS, as Shanti has ceded the sativa market to the likes of Ace and CBG.

I was fortunate enough to trade for some Punto Rojo x Mangobiche F1 seeds with a very generous and thoughtful MNS member. He grew them from CBG stock, and made his own cross. He is welcome to identify himself but he may choose not to. I even obtained some of his perfectly cured Colombian bud. While not the most potent weed, the high and flavor are wonderful and I save it for special occasions. It has that peppery, earthy, spicy smell that brings me right back to the 1970s. It's truly sublime cannabis.

I planted all 8 seeds as soon as I received them, which was about 6 weeks ago. I got 100% germination and they spent their first month in my veg cabinet under LED shoplights. I almost killed them a couple weeks ago when I brought them out in the sun in hot weather and didn't think to harden them up gradually. The lower fan leaves got burned but I realized my error before it was too late and they're back on track, now fully accustomed to the intensity of Sol. My plan is to veg and flower these outside, take cuttings in mid August, and flower rooted clones in September. No way I can finish these here at 42N without a greenhouse, but I expect to collect pollen from the males. Assuming a 16 week flower cycle, I'll be harvesting around New Year, which means they should be properly cured by May or June 2019. Damn, but that's a long time!

So here are my 8 little Colombians, #1-#4 front row, #5-#8 middle row, and four Grail Widow F2s that will join the party on the back row. They already have a piney smell on the stem rub. Loving the skinny leaves!

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