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UVA/UVB is minimul. Way below what the sun would put out.

If you want powerful UVA/UVB SolaCure are the way to go, and YES, you need to turn them off, if you are going to be in the same room with them.

They also don't need to be on all the time, and that it also dependent on how far away you have the bulbs from the lights.

Its recommended to use 2 x 34w per 4 x 4. And don't be fooled by the watts. This will completely burn your eyes out of the sockets, if youre stupid about using them.
They also have been making lamps to cure wood, and for pig shows for years.

1000w DE CMH is a great light, but the same rule applies to the CMH vs 1000w Gavita.

If its closer than 36-38 inches, it Will Fry the plants because of Infrared. Not UVA/UVB.

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