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Originally Posted by Marcus_in_the_Darkus View Post
Greetings thefoetus. Those plants look great in veg. They seem to be quite uniform in size and structure compared to mine. Here's a pic of my three NHM plants about 8 weeks after seed. The male was much larger than the other two. This grow is going to rock when those plans flower!

I'm no expert in selecting males, but from what I've read I think the main thing to look for would be resin production, particularly any that show resin or sticky stem rubs during veg. Watch them closely between 2-4 weeks and look for early, fast, heavy trichome development on the male flowers.
Thanks for your input Marcus, and the kind words. They do seem healthy; I'll take some updated pics and post later We are getting close to the more exciting stage. Did you top your NHM fems?

If we do pollinate a female G13HP with a male NHM, or vice versa, how should we time the start of flowering i.e. should they both start bloom together?

Originally Posted by topheavy420 View Post
Hey man, I would think the haze male would be better since it's a sire line. I think all the usual traits would go into selecting a male, there is a couple of pics around that could aid you, one is of the haze c male, the other is nl5A. I'll find them and add them to this post as a visual aid for your selection.

Not to say it wouldn't be a good cross the other way around but knowing the haze hybrids are based of off two males would lead me to go with the sire line.


Haze C male

Hi TopHeavy, thank you for sharing Glad to hear your thoughts on this. I assume there are no known pics of the Haze A male? What are the usual traits one looks for when selecting a male? I will read Nevil's breeder thread, I keep meaning to. How can I use these pics to aid in selection?

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