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Default semi-official MNS pedigree thread

I plan to edit this as new information is given to us
this is something so simple it should have been done long ago,
but better late than never
lets try to get all the question marks filled in or correct any info that isnt accurate to the best of our collective knowledge.
some of the goals are to get the names of the various afghans, skunks, and/or other strains used in multiple varieties to have a better understanding of what is related and what is not.
many of the descriptions will be pasted out of the strains area, then we can correct things as they come up.

The Naturals

Afghan Haze: f1 Afghan T x Haze C

Black Widow:? IBL south indian /brazilian

Critical Mass:? Afghan x Skunk #1(origins of Afghan/Mexican/Columbian)

Critical Skunk:? 75% skunk, 25% Afghan

Devil:? Afghan x Afghan/Skunk

Dreamtime:? a mixture of Skunk, NL, Afghan and Haze

Early Queen:? Early Californian blends with Mexican, Early Pearl x
Early Girl x Super Skunk

Early Skunk: (Early Pearl x Skunk)

Early Skunk Haze: (Early Pearl Skunk x Haze)

G13Skunk:? G13/Skunk#1 x Skunk#1

G13Widow:? G13/Skunk#1 x White Widow

La Niņa:? White Widow x Mullumbimby Madness#1

Mango Haze:? (NL5 x Haze C)#122 x (Skunk#1 x Haze C)

Mango x Widow:? Nl/Haze/Sk x Brazilian/Sth Indian

Master Kush x Skunk:? Hindu Kush x Hindu Kush= Master Kush x

Medicine man:? Afghan x Brazilian sativa / South India

Neville's Haze:? Nl5/HazeA x HazeC

NL5 x Afghan:? 75% Afghan, 25% Skunk (where does skunk come in?)

NL5 x Haze:? 50% Afghan, 50% Haze

NL5 x Skunk:? 50% Afghan, 50 % Skunk

NORDLE:? 50% Afghan T, 50 % Skunk#1

Ortega:? Basically full Afghan (NL#1 x NL#5)(not a cross of nl1xnl5)

Shark shock:? Brazilian sativa / South India x Skunk # 1

Shit:? Skunk#1 (Dom. Afghan) x Skunk#1

Skunk Haze:? Skunk 50%, Haze 50%

Spice:? Hawaiian sativa x Hawaiian indica

Super Silver Haze:? 25% Skunk, 25% Northern lights, and 50% Haze
C5 x (Skunk x Haze C)

Walkabout:? a mixture of Thai, skunk, Mexican, New Guinea and
Haze (haze maybe not , mullumbimby madness maybe)


Angel Heart: (Mango Haze x Afg. Skunk)

Angel's Breathe: (Mango Haze x Afg. Haze C)

ASH: (Afg Skunk x Afg Haze C)

Critical Haze: (Critical Mass x Afg. Haze)

Early Haze: (Early Queen x Afg. Haze)

G13Haze: IBL G13 x Haze C

Master Kaze: (Master Kush Skunk x Afg. Haze)

Neville's Haze Mango: (Neville's Haze x Mango)

Neville's Skunk: (Nev. Haze x Afg. Skunk)

NHS-National Health Service: (NL5/Haze x Skunk)

Pink Floyd: (CM x Hz (AC))

The Cure: (Af/Sk x Hz (AC))

The Doors: (NL5/Hz x Hz (AC))

The Stones: (MK/skxHz (AC))

U2: (EQxHz (AC))

NEW stuff and others:

Haze AC: (NL5 x Haze A)2 x (Skunk x Haze C)

Grail Widow:

Widow x AC:

G13* x Widow

New Skunk:

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