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@Byorn, thanks for your kind words. This is a fun grow so far, and no problems until tonight.

@thefoetus, thanks man. I've had pretty good luck managing the stretch on this grow, by mainlining the seed plants for 4 colas, flowering the clones from about 3.5 inches tall (and still having to bend the meristem over when it got too tall), and a little LST. I think the reason I'm seeing so much stretch is because I'm flowering in fairly large (4 gal) coco hempy pots, so there's lots of room for a big root mass, which translates into more stretch. I think I'm starting to get the hang of growing these haze hybrids, and am no longer intimidated by them.

When I went to feed the plants tonight I noticed some little yellow thingies in the buds. It only took me about 15 seconds to transition from denial ("There's no way those yellow thingies can be nanners!"), to anger ("Damnit, WTF happened?!"), to bargaining ("How about if I get some tweezers and spend the next 45 minutes plucking nanners and then stress out about them reappearing?"), to depression ("This sucks, these buds were starting to look awesome, now I'm only going to have 3 GW phenotypes to sample."), to acceptance ("Fuck it, this bitch is toast and she's outta here). This was actually cathartic because I've had some unwanted seed show up in bud from my first two grows never having seen an actual nanner, so I'm glad I was able to recognize and deal with them before they threw shitloads of pollen.

Fortunately, the nanners were limited to GW8 only so I culled her and her clone. Every single bud had a couple little nanners on it. Temps were a little cool, ranging from 62-75 F, and humidity range was 50-70%. No major issues with nutes (feed pH may have been a little low at about 5.6 before I recalibrated my pH meter) but everything looked OK and...WHAM...herm city. Fortunately the other plants look great. So now I have 6 girls left in the tent, and they have a little more room now.

Here's GW8 at F36 right before the axe fell. She was looking good and starting to make some good resin.

Here's a GW8 flower complete with nanner. I was amazed that every single bud on this entire plant had a couple little nanners in it like this:

The other issue that I'm dealing with right now is scarce pollen production from my male GW plants. I'm going to have very little to play with. I think the reason is because I have the males in a very cold, relatively dark room, there were some earlier light leak issues, and the days, while still less than 12 hours long, are increasing in length, so the plants don't know what to do. I've snipped some branches and am trying to dry them out to increase pollen production. The girls are otherwise ripe and ready for pollen, and I really want to make some F2s.

I'll post updated photos next week when I hit the approximate half-way mark at 6 weeks.

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