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Default 4 week update

The Grail Widow and Neville's Haze Mango plants have now been flowering for 4 weeks, are just now starting to build resin. Smells are still faint and range from haze-lime to sour haze to onion to incense. The stretch has been pretty crazy, as some plants are still growing over 1 inch/day even after 4 weeks.

Here's an updated plant status.

I am having good success with cloning now that I have ditched the Rapid Rooters in the 72-cell tray for peat pucks in an open tray. The cuts I took in early flower 10 days ago have rooted and I now have clones in my veg cabinet of every plant in this grow, including all males.

Speaking of males, here are some photos of the males a few days ago at F24.

GW1 (clone) male. This is the male I'm going to use to make F2s, and I'll try to keep him long enough to test his progeny.

GW6 male at F24. I may also use this guy to make F2s.

NHM1 male at F24. This guy went intersex due to some light control issues, which have slowed down flower and pollen production on all males. I may get some pollen from him to make F2s of the NHM girls, but I'll probably cull him.

GW2 at F28.

GW3 at F28. Still has an onion smell and adding a little funk.

GW7 at F28. Looks to be a good yielder and has a very nice wood-incense smell.

GW7 clone at F28. Even after training she's getting too close to the light again.

GW8 at F28.

NHM2 at F28. Smallest plant in the tent.

NHM3 at F28.

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