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Originally Posted by Marcus_in_the_Darkus View Post
@thefoetus, bear in mind while ordering Grail Widow that you probably won't get the usual 20 seeds per straw; I got 16 in mine, along with a 75% germination rate.
Thanks, we may need more seed. I imagine Shanti rarely makes this exotic cross very rarely, so perhaps 75% germination is good for this seed batch. We shall see

Originally Posted by wwwwww View Post
Hey you only need two to go on forever
I agree. As WG / GW appears to be an 'F1' cross (rather than an inbred line), I'd expect to find a wide variety of different plant genes within the batch of seed. Hence, the plan for selection

As for the name WG/GW, if indeed the genetics remain identical, perhaps it was renamed so it can appear on menus under the 'W'idow name which most everybody recognizes, rather than 'Grail Widow' which could get lost in translation. Then again, perhaps the auction site just mislabeled it

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